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Message from the owner(s)

It is working fine and looks very basic. Many things can (and some of them should) be improved. I want to make a list of todo things later. However, to be honest, I don't know when I will put my hands on this project again, so if you are interested in work on it to improve it, please let me know.

Summary Web portal for Subversion repositories in an Apache HTTP server
Category scm
License BSD License
Owner(s) ccidral


An ASP.NET application that provides a view of all repositories available in an Apache HTTP server. It may run under Apache, with the ASP.NET module, or under Microsoft IIS.

Why did this project come to life?

In older versions of Subversion, when you configure an Apache server to make available a number of Subversion repositories, you just can't know which repositories are available simply by browsing the website. The Apache's module did not take care of this. It used to only let you browse the repository itself by providing an HTML view of it. This way you have to know beforehand the URL of the repository you want to browse.

SubPortal complements the browsing functionality provided by the old module by presenting a list of repositories available in the Apache HTTP server. It reads the HTTP server configuration file looking for <location url-path|url> directives that contains inner SVNParentPath directives. Each <location url-path|url> directive represents a domain. Based on the url-path|url, SVNParentPath and AuthName, it builds a list of repositories grouped by domain.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The 1.3 version of Subversion now ships with a feature whose purpose overlaps (almost entirely) that of this project. I'll evaluate it to decide whether or not I should keep this project going on. Anyway, this project can be an alternative to Subversion's feature. For more details, see the Enhancements and Bugfixes section of Subversion 1.3 Release Notes.

Development environment

The application runs under .NET 1.1. I have used Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 to develop it, but I think you may use the Express editions also (though 2003 versions are not available for download anymore at Microsoft's web site). For unit tests, I used NUnit and also NMock.